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This blog was created for parents and educators to inquire and share STEM activities designed for young children ages Infant to Pre-K. We are creating a safe community to share our thoughts and ideas for helping young children explore more science, technology, engineering, and math. Together we can build their love for STEM education!
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Let's talk STEM for your little ones!!

Posted on February 3, 2018 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello and welcome to the STEM Vanguards STEM Chat! My name is Tonjia and I have a true passion for Early STEM. We designed this blog by demand from many of our educators working in the field. Our hope is that this connection will open up the floor for great ideas when teaching young children STEM. My work in the field of Early Childhood Education spans over 30 years. As I have watch the evolution of STEM education, the need for young children to start exploring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is critical. My work with teachers and children has proven the success of STEM integration but over time, this was not enough. I soon realized the key to longevity success was the involvement of parents. I often encounter dedicated parents investing in their children's interest such as Little League or Soccer, but I never met a parent that would not also invest in their child's education. If given the knowledge on what academic skills are best needed when entering elementary, parents would inquire every time. Parents tend to maintain the normal preparation well, such as, daily reading, number & letter recognition, and writing but are never really provided the blueprints for incorporating STEM Thinking Skills. To do this successfully, you need to conduct daily STEM Task with your children. Many of these stem task are simple in nature but involve the application of STEM Terminology within instructions. In addition to this STEM Terminology, parents should invite endless questioning. After all, questions are how we learn new things. I am excited to share more with you all and want to hear from you. Share your thoughts about STEM Education. We are here to help you and your family. We also invite educators to join in the conversation. Your expertise is always welcomed! I look forward to hearing from you and remember to "Just STEMIFY It"!